Jan 1, 2004
is it ketchup or catsup?

   .'o oOOOo `.       
  :~~~-.oOo   o`.     
   `. ~-.  oOOo.          
     `.; / ~.  OO:
     .'  ;-- `.o.'
    ,' ; ~~--'~
    ;  ;
    "i am... a mushroom, on whom the dew of  
           heaven drops on now and then."


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Dec 30, 2003
ti- to the -tle

Uh yeah

I should be having pictures up in this bitch by tomorrow.

Just got back from shelbys..
nothing has really happend since.

More to come later probably..

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Dec 29, 2003
WELL, read to find out.

Howwwwwdy ho

Well, I havent updated this here thing in about..2 or 3 days.

Here's my happenings

-Well, little miss shelby has been here since FRIDAY MORNING! And today is MONDAY MORNING.
But, that's okay, at least I havent been bored, ya know. She's my sister, it's all good.
-Ian and Spencer came over on friday and sunday :-D Whooo hooo
-Me and Shelby are gettting guitars from them there boys Spencer and Ian ;D *free*
-went to the mall with shelby and got some thaaaaangs
-went to sleep at 5:30 because we had the MuNcHiEs    muaahhaahahaha
-well mainly just been with shelby

I got a new phone number...if you want to know, ask meh

I'm getting my laptop set up in my room now, FINALLY.

Welll, I must be off..more to come later on in the day



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Dec 27, 2003

Welllllllllllll I forgot to update as to what happend yesTERday..SO HERE'S WHAT HAPPEND!

-Well, Ian, Spencer, and Shelby (she spent the night on friday) we allll hung out and sheeeeit.
-We wrastled each other grrowl
-Slept on an air hockey table
-watched Heavyweights
-they stayed until about 7:30 whoooo
And it was me and spencers 5th anniversary yesterday! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO

that's all.


oh yes, me and shelby just woke up

more to come later in the day

I know it will be InTeReStInG

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Dec 25, 2003
Merry Christmas kids

Yes well I just got off the phone with SHEL-BAY, silly fucker, she is. Ah yes, me too..imagine two silly fuckers on the phone together, MUAHA. ;D 

I want a ham biscuit.........


-a diamond ring, oh so be-a-u-ti-ful
-a cute little purse
-a Happy Bunny braclet and wallet
-another soft lepord wallet
-pink and lepord squishy. soft. snuggley. slippers aka SLIPPIES
-a shit load of clothes
-these huge pictures, that have built-in lights, 2 of new york, another of an alley way, and one of the ocean with a lighthouse. They're pretty cool
-a shroom light
-a Jimi Hendrix picture that was drawn by a chinese dude..really realistic.
-2 necklaces, one that says ROCK in pink, and another that's a silver peace symbol
-some chapstick, that has differnt kinds of flavors...mmm
-a Pac Sun gift certificate
..my mind went blank..If I think of some more..I'll let you know.

Man..I really like Spencer..I mean..he's all I think about..When I'm sad, I just think of him and all my worries vanish :) It's a good feeling. I like to think that im lucky to have spencer..our unique personalities just fit.   He makes me feel warm in the inside ;D

WELLLLL I must be off..I need to wash myself.


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Dec 24, 2003

Man. I've been working on this thing for like..an hour.  And I didn't even get much done..
WHHEEWWW WEEEE.. Christmas is in 30 minutes. Interesting.
I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures on here..it would look so much better when I do. I have alot of interesting ones to put up here. Yeah well enough about that, here's what happend today.

-Got up this morning, ate cereal yadi yadi yadi..let's skip the morning shit and go straight to 5 'o' clock? Yes, good idea. Well the family came over and we all ate our Christmas dinna! It was sooooo gooodddd. oh my god. man. you shoulda been there..so much food. Then i got some presents from my aunts...whoo hoo? I never really get good presents from relatives, sometimes, not often. My aunt Peggie got me a gift certificate to a clothing place, that I dont really shop at. My other auntie got me this dragon thing..which I already had, oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?
Afterwards they all left and I had some chocolate pie ;)  I'm going to be such a FAT ASS when I get back to school, that's ALL i've been doing..IS EATING!!! Oh well, maybe I'll get a bigger ass if I get fat...lol...juustt kiddiinngg. Hmm well..Santa will be comming soon..to give all the nice little kiddies some presents and the naughty little kiddies lap dances. :-O
    Well, time for me to go, I need to say goodnight to my Spencer.

                   GOODNIGHT ! ! !

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Dec 23, 2003
( I speak thru my eyes )

Why hello there.. Here's what happend today you mother fuckers.

Well, I got up this mornin, got on here, talked to my boyyyfriend, took a shower.
I dried my hair, put on my MaKe-Up and you know, ..gotta beauti-fi myself?
My kittens have a new kitten door! YAY! It's on the basement door, so they can get in and out. It's so cute...I wish I could fit thru it. But, to my despair, I cant. I've always wanted a doggy-door that I could fit thru..but..my wish has not yet been granted, but uh, I guess I can live without...
Dude my speakers are acting so gay right now, well, one of them are. It's making me rather mad. I want to kill it. It's like...making this...this...sound when it has a good beat goin on. Heh..well..it's partly my fault..well..it's all my fault that they're acting gay. Because, well, you see..I blew em..playing music too loud. But hey, what can I say?..I like my music loud?
We went to Fredricksburg today..and I got some things for my sister and dad for christmas. I got my sister some earings and a key chain then I got me dad a Lynard Skynard cd..haha, the best 30 years of em, I tell huuu what (im learning spencer, see?) They're the shit, I think. I got me a cd as well, Liam Lynch. Heard of em? I only like 2 songs out of the 20 tho.
Tonight was rather interesting, my cousin parked her car a weird way in the parking lot to stop and have a chat with my cool ass cousin, and these dudes in this white fan drive by and blew the horn for like 10 seconds and Laura (my cousin) threw open her door and yelled, " DO YOU SEE ME FUCKING PULLING UP?! ..I DIDNT THINK SO! NOW MOVE BITCH, GO ALONG!" haha it was cool. Then whataya know..we're behind the same van at a stoplight. They wouldnt stop beeping their horn..Laura got pissed off..so she kept getting closer and closer to their bumper and they drove past us and she's like.."F U C K Y O U" ah yeah, it was funny. Had to of been there I guess..
        On the way home I was tired..dosed off..I was thinking of Spencer, of course. ;D
Now I'm here. Wide awake. Smelling the sweet smell of cake that my mother is making in the kitchen..ah god..it smells so good.    Christmas Eve is tomorrow..wow, eh?
          I found out that I'm Polish, German, and Irish..isn't that cool?

Well I'm gonna get to gettin, I want to talk to Spencer. 
                                                                                      Until Then - PEACE OUT

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Dec 22, 2003

MY...SO NICE OF YOU TO COME BY! ...TO MY ..BLOG! Blog..such an appropriate word for such thing as this.

Wellllll...so far today...here are my happenings.

  • Well. . .I got up around 10 something because these furniture people were comming to bring in my sisters new desk for her room. So I went into my room and watched Mr. Deeds..after it was over I layed there and thought of Spencer :) ..when is there a time when I dont? tee hee. After that I cleaned my room up..went downstairs and ate some cereal. Got on here..pretty much been on here for a while..Alisa came over..along with Jason, whoo hoO! Jason always beats me up..  :( 
  • Chelsea is fixing dinner at the moment, tacos, to be certain. Alisa, Jason, Shaauuun, Laura, and my family are all coming to join in on dinna.
  • Christmas is only 3 days away! Isn't that somethin..time flys. I want to see my lovely Spencer on the 26th, which is our 5 month anniversary :D    grroowwll

Well I'm going to go so I can talk to my sexy thang and then go eat dinner

TA TA FOR NOW!        


My day continued.. 11:52 PM.     

  •  Yes well....for the rest of the day I have mostly been on here. A few times i went into the living room to watch my mom and older cousin wrap presents. And guess what I found out...my little cousin is getting a FERRETT for christmas! He'll be like.."Lookie at me new FERRETT!! I'll love him forever and ever." ..the next day.." MOMMY! ME AND MY FERRETT WERE TAKING A STROLL AND I WAS HOLDING HIM BY THE NECK AND..AND..HE DIED!"...well that's what I think.
  • Ah yes, and I also got farted on by Jason ..lovely, eh?

Nothing else has happend..but tomorrow im going to wake up and take a shower then be on my way to charlottesville around 4:30 or so.

That's all for now ...more to come tomorrow.

Goodnight kiddies.


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